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The Greater San Diego Whippet Association (GSDWA) has been devoted to the betterment of the Whippet breed through education, information, and good fellowship since 1988.

We are a friendly group of Whippet owners who love participating in activities with our dogs, whether it is showing, racing, lure coursing, or napping on the couch.

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2024 Board of Directors

We are grateful to our Board of Directors for helping to facilitate fun Whippet activities for all club members.

President: Deana Jaffe
Vice President: Debbey Bartos
Treasurer: John Zolezzi
Secretary: Christine DeClerk
Program Chair: Debbey Bartos
Rescue Referral: Jo Rufing
Newsletter Editor: Christine DeClerk
Board Member: Scott Mazer
Board Member: Jennifer Curtis
Board Member: Sandy Langley
Board Member: Mai Soon
Board Member: Paul Roberts

Website: Shauna Summers, Azultek LLC

Whippet Racing

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